Artist’s Statement:
Primarily I appreciate Tarot for its creative, artistic presentation of rich and complex symbolism. Some cards represent big ideas such as major life events or stages of one’s inner journey. Others may correspond to personalities or situations we may regularly encounter. Reading cards or having them read for you is a fascinating way to gain a deeper appreciation of life’s vicissitudes. 

In addition to the original image sources, some of my other aesthetic influences include the artwork of Rene Magritte, Maxfield Parrrish, Beatrix Potter, Monty Python, Edward Gorey, and J.J. Grandville; and the contents of ever so many weird and wonderful museum collections.

I hope that as you ponder individual cards you will ask yourself, "What the heck is going on here?" There is a story in every one, and each story is personal and unique to each reader.

Boadicea’s Tarot of Earthly Delights features illustrations that are my original versions of traditional Tarot card imagery. Some elements reflect classic Tarot iconography and some are unique to my personal interpretation of the cards. The illustrations are carefully assembled puzzles. Each combines numerous elements taken from fine art, natural history, vintage advertising, anatomical drawings, historical or personal photos, and various other public domain sources as raw material to be transformed into new creative works. 

I digitally isolate and recombine the elements together in Adobe Photoshop. The source fragments are altered and blended to become integrated parts of the new, greater whole. The collages transform into Tarot icons.

My illustrations are created to be both complex and multi-faceted. On one hand they illustrate a classic 78 card Tarot deck. On the other hand, they could be interpreted as a sublime satire of a Beaux-Arts era paintings collection. Overall the images function best as a series of windows that reveal the mysteries of Tarot.